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Release v1. Initially reviewed by v1. Problems with my own code in SuperSU, undocumented oddities in Android, and problems in other people's apps requiring root.

Over time I've gone through a lot of app's source codes or reversed the binaries to figure out the root of the problems, and worked with various app authors from the unknown to the famous to fix them. Due to those efforts, it has become clear that most freezes and crashes related to su access - both with SuperSU as well as Superuser - originate from two core problems: how su is called, and when su is called. These cases are not as straightforward as they may sound.

I have been asked by a number of developers to write this guide to provide guidelines and further information on how to get around all these problems - and that is what you are reading. As this is important to all root apps, I have also asked Adam "ChainsDD" Shanks author of Superuser to review this document, which he has done.

I don't expect this to be the final word on the matter, or that the code samples will be perfect. I hope this document and the code will provide you the insights needed, and generally be a good start. The goal of these two projects is specifically not to provide a perfect library catering to your every root need.

The goal is to demonstrate techniques you may want to reuse in your root app that work around common problems, in as little code as possible. Advanced techniques like for example maintaining a background su session and using that session when needed are not covered by this article, for the sake of keeping it simple. The library does however include the Shell.

Interactive class to make that possible.

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The code is short, I would advise you to simply read the source for both projects. Please note that this library behaves slightly differently in debug mode unsigned APKproviding additional logging and exceptions. You should definitely check that your exported APKs are not still logging all shell calls before publishing them! Unfortunately both quoting the [command] parameter as well as passing the paramaters as separate variables to either Runtime.

It is not impossible to do this right - but there's a high risk of problems. This does avoid potential parameter passing issues, but you are creating an unneeded temporary file and requires that your writable path does not contain a space. And while the latter is true for the moment, it is a bad idea to depend on that.

It is good practise as well as good for performance to batch your commands together as much as possible. Launch as few su processes as you can, and perform as many commands per process as possible. Many su calls throughout the app's lifecycle Some apps need to make a lot of su calls throughout the app's lifecycle but can't batch these commands together.


In such a case you should consider starting an interactive su shell and keeping it alive alongside your app, so you can pipe commands to it as needed. This might have positive effects on the performance and responsiveness of your application.

The package name is not a constant either. Many apps have hardcoded checks like these to find su. This is a bad idea and completely unreliable. Assuming the su binary accepts parameters Not all su binaries support all parameters. Worse, there's a good chance the su binary will start an interactive shell instead of producing an error if an unknown parameter is present the -v parameter to check version is a good example of this. If you do not anticipate this, your process might never regain control from the su call, and could become stuck.

A common method to call su that avoids the known issues listed above is by creating an interactive shell and piping commands to it. This is done by calling Runtime.Google serves cookies to analyze traffic to this site. Information about your use of our site is shared with Google for that purpose.

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su android

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Download Not Available Your current device is not supported. Download options Release notes. More about the layout editor. More about the APK Analyzer. More about the emulator. More about the editor. More about the build tools.Rate this App. Here are some of the most useful apps you can install after rooting your smartphone. Read more. To solve this problem, Towelroot has just been released, a surprising tool that takes advantage of a vulnerability in the Linux nucleus utilized by Android to let you root your phone just by clicking a button and without connecting it to a PC.

Android version 9. Have tried kingoroot apk, towelroot apk, and superuser. No luck. Wgat am i doing wrong?????? Supersu app. Needing to root my mobile but I do not want App's remaining on the screen. Fui a malvinas para que desbloqueen el IMEI.

Uptodown App Store. Google Play Services. APK Editor. SuperSU 2. Latest version 2.

Make sure the path and filename are correct

Notes You need to have a 'rooted' device. Requirements Requires Android 2. Opinions about SuperSU 4. Android version 9 mi a2 lite global. Supersu app It is amazing tools for root app. Needing to root my mobile but I do not want App's remaining on the screen How can I root an Android Mobile with no App or Icon of the root remaining on mobile screen? Ask Questions. Previous versions 1 2.

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su android

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Powers, and beyond Accessibility button. Accessibility volume. Accessibility services can optimize the audio experience for users with disabilities.SuperSU was developed and maintained by the legendary Android developer chainfire and is the go-to choice for Android enthusiasts to root their device. SuperSU is completely free. There are no hidden costs or catch to use SuperSU.

Can be used on any number of devices you want! SuperSU supports a wide range of devices; thanks to the fact that it supports Android version 5. Due to the open nature of the Android ecosystem, even the manufacturers customize the Android OS by adding their own skin on top, before shipping it to their customers. Android, by default, offers pretty decent customization options.

Want to take it to the next level? Root your Android device! SuperSU is one of the great things to have happened to Android, ever. SuperSU has been the go-to solution for many users for rooting their Android devices. Unlocked bootloader and a working custom recovery are the basic needs to use SuperSU Zip. SuperSU app acts as a front-end where you can manage and take control of the various aspects of the SuperSU Framework.

One of the important duties of the SuperSU app is that it enables the user to control Root Permissions on the device it is installed.

Non stationary processes

Once the installation completes, simply reboot your device. Once you reboot your device, you will find an app named SuperSU installed on your phone. You might need to update it.

If you do, simply update it via Google Play Store. Now you have the latest SuperSU on your Android. SuperSU Features.

su android

Free SuperSU is completely free. Support SuperSU supports a wide range of devices; thanks to the fact that it supports Android version 5. What is SuperSU? The above heading has two questions in itself: Why root Android?

Why root Android using SuperSU? Make sure you have read the prerequisites section. But the below ADB command should get the job done on any device. Browser and select the downloaded SuperSU Zip file. How to check if your device has root?


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